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October 2022

Blog Post: Benefits of Baby Wearing

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Benefits of Baby Wearing:

Baby wearing can help prevent flat head syndrome/cranial flattening. When a baby lays for a long period of time on their back, the back of their head starts to conform to the surface they are laying on therefore flattening over time. Flattening especially on the back of a baby’s head can also be attributed to restricted range of motion of the baby’s neck/head. This can be tied back to the birthing process or positioning of the baby in the womb. For example, 98% of births whether vaginal or C section have tension and stress in their upper cervical spine/neck (ICPA). This can then lead to a head preference or head tilt to one side resulting in flattening on that side. With baby wearing, baby is spending less time on their back preventing flat spots from settling in.

Baby wearing can also help increase your milk supply. When baby wearing, a mother and baby’s bond and closeness increases especially when performing skin to skin contact. This closeness helps increase the release of the hormone oxytocin which is responsible for the let down of milk. In addition, this closeness and convenience of being in the carrier can lead to more frequent feeds which are also important for maintaining and continuing to increase milk supply as milk supply is also dependent on supply and demand. (International breastfeeding Institute)

Another benefit of baby wearing includes the freedom and convenience it offers to continue to do regular activities. It can free up your hands to get chores done around the house, go out and do errands, or even get back to a regular exercise routine. Getting back to a normal routine can also help new moms decompress. With so many changes happening at once, skin to skin contact or close contact associated with baby wearing can help to reduce the release of cortisol (stress hormone) in both mom and baby. Therefore, This can help improve overall mood and energy levels through out the day but also help keep your little one calm and content.

With so many baby wearing options on the market, finding the right one can feel overwhelming. Things to consider are whether the baby wearing item is comfortable for both mom and baby or whether it is appropriate for various types of weather (hence one that is bulky can cause it to feel too hot). Essentially they are all meant to do the same job but one that we love at Ignite is Solly baby. There are also videos on their website that provide tutorials on how to start baby wearing and other various tips and tricks.

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Blog Post: Back to School and Anxiety

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Back to School and Anxiety:

The beginning of the school year can be a very stressful event for kids/teens. This change in routine or the feeling of the unexpected can really cause anxiety to heighten during this time. Some changes we may see during this time include difficulty sleeping. Typically, it becomes hard to fall asleep at night and to stay asleep through the night as the brain is in a state of constant worrying. We may also see an increase in tummy aches or feeling ill. This ties back to our brain-gut connection. If our brain is on high alert or constantly worrying its going to start affecting other areas such as the gut. Another sign we may see is difficulty concentrating on tasks or in school. Depending on the stress load, individuals may also experience mental fog and a fluctuation in the symptoms listed above.

Some tips to to help with heightened anxiety include establishing a sleep routine. Summer break can cause one to quickly deviate from their routine with so much free time on their hands. One of the first things to become affected is sleep. To combat this, establishing a nightly wind down routine is key. This includes limiting screen time an hour before bed as this allows the brain to start to relax as bright light may mimic day light and hours of being awake. Another helpful tip to help with sleep includes a Himalayan salt lamp. This lamp mimics the warm colors of a sunset which helps with relaxation and sleep as opposed to blue light (light emitted from cellphones etc) which blocks the release of melatonin (sleep hormone)(Sleep foundation).

Another helpful tip to manage the symptoms of anxiety includes supplements and herbal remedies. One of these supplements that can help combat anxiety is Magnesium. Magnesium can be found in rice, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds and can be added to food or snacks. You can also find Magnesium in powder form such as CALM which can be taken by kids and adults. Herbal remedies include Lavender which can be used with a diffuser, in a hot bath, or even as a spray over pillows to calm the nervous system, promote better sleep, and reduce anxiety. Another herbal remedy includes lemon balm. Lemon balm has been shown to be helpful with relieving anxiety, improving focus, and easing indigestion (Drlowdog). This can be consumed as a tea or in tincture form (can be found for kids) as well as diffused as an essential oil.

Last but not least, it is important to get adjusted during times of stress or changes in routine such as the beginning of the school year. When someone is stressed, they are running on stress/protection mode which can then affect sleep, concentration, and overall mood. Through chiropractic adjustments we can restore balance to the nervous system and initiate the calming aspect of your system therefore allowing for a smoother transition into the new school year.

Our Doctors love being a support system for you! Please feel free to contact our office if you have further questions of how chiropractic care can help you!!