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June 2022

Blog Post: Why Chiropractic Care Should Be a Part of Everyone’s Birth Plan

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Why Chiropractic Care Should Be a Part Of Everyone’s Birth Plan:

In preparation for birth, moms will typically put together a team to support them on the journey they are about to embark on. Some key players may include a doula who can offer much needed emotional support through the process or even a mid wife who performs regular check ups. With that being said, a key player that would be a great addition to their team includes a chiropractor who focuses on pregnancy. Not only can chiropractic care help support these women through the physical changes pregnancy encompasses such as round ligament pain, sciatica, or pubic bone pain; it can also help with every day stressors and optimal positioning for mom and baby.

Chiropractors who focus in pregnancy utilize the Webster technique which is a specific chiropractic adjustment that focuses on restoring balance to the pelvis. This technique takes into account the muscles, bones, and ligaments surrounding the pelvis that may be creating uterine torsion. This may also affect the positioning of the baby. As a woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy, we recommend starting care early on. This approach can help many pregnant women stay ahead of aches and pains but also prepare the body as best as possible for birth.

Although we suggest getting started early in pregnancy, we find that often pregnant women seek us out towards the end of their pregnancy. Usually these moms are very uncomfortable or have a baby who is breeched and not in proper positioning for birth. In regards to breeched presentations; chiropractic care is still beneficial as it can help moms avoid C sections or even painful hospital procedures aimed at flipping a baby. With that being said, in order to restore balance to the pelvis especially in this late stage of pregnancy, consistency and repetition plays a huge factor. Therefore, we tend to see these moms three times a week. This time frame allows us to do our best to restore balance to the pelvis in order for the baby to make its way head down. Regardless of the outcome, we support moms in any stage of pregnancy and thereafter.

A common question we get asked in the office Is how soon after delivery one can come in for an adjustment. Moms are encouraged to come in as early as they feel ready. Whether it was a tough C section delivery or mom is experiencing very tender breasts, we are able to accommodate around these areas with supportive pillows in order to facilitate a comfortable adjustment. At this time, we continue to assess the pelvis and also bring awareness to many post partum challenges that may arise. Some of these challenges may include post-partum depression, adapting to being a new mom, or even managing a little one who may be extremely fussy or colicky. We truly believe that a mom who is educated will be empowered throughout her journey.

Our Doctors love being a support system for expecting moms through throughout their pregnancy journey! Please feel free to contact our office if you have further questions of how prenatal chiropractic can help you achieve your labor and delivery goals!