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Day 1 – New Patient Appointment


Please fill out the appropriate paperwork for your new patient appointment. If you have questions, please contact us!

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office tour

We want to make sure you feel at home at Ignite Family Chiropractic, so your first visit to our office will consist of a tour to make sure you’re aware and feel comfortable using our family specific ammenitities including the kid’s area, family area, pregnancy adjusting room, coffee and tea nook and nursing area!

in depth history

During Your First appointment, the doctor will be taking an in-depth history to find out where the major stressors – physical, chemical and emotional have been. Due to the fact that our nervous systems is the stress adaptation system of our body, we are looking to see how that system could have been overwhelmed and cause the challenges you’re currently experiencing.

This is also the time we will discuss your goals for you and your family’s care! Our doctors love to make sure your and our goals align so we can be on the same path moving forward to provide the best care.

Neurological Scans

At Ignite Family Chiropractic, we utilize an advanced chiropractic technology that scans your spine and delivers a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. Two different technologies give us and you an objective assessment.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is quickly becoming the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular health. This technology is a global measure of how stressed the brain and nervous system are. It indicates the amount of autonomic reserve and resiliency the nervous system contains to deal with the abundant amount of stressors in today’s society.

Thermal Scan

This measures temperature. When there are disturbances to your nervous system along the spine, there are often temperature differences from side to side due to inflammation and changes in blood flow. A thermal scan is non-invasive and reveals the condition of your autonomic nervous system controlling your organs, glands and circulatory system.

Surface Electromyogram (sEMG)

Surface Electromyography measures the minute amounts of electrical energy in the muscles along your spine. Subluxations disturb the function of the nervous system. This can produce too much or too little electrical activity in your muscles. We use this highly-accurate, non-invasive scan to document your progress. It’s more accurate than how you feel.

Core Score

The COREscore(TM) is computed by combining the scores from Thermography, Surface EMG, and HRV. It is an overall score of how efficient your brain and nervous system are functioning. You can think of it as your health report card. The scores range from 0-100, and much like a report card from school, 90-100 is equivalent to an A, 80-89 is equivalent to a B, and so on. We don’t guess about stress, we TEST!

Day 2 – Report of Findings,
Care Recommendations & First Adjustment

report of findings

During your Report of Findings, the doctor will go through your neurological scan results and your recommendations for care. Our doctors pride themselves on their care recommendations to truly get the results and achieve the goals you are looking for yourself and your family. They have read thousands of scans and Dr. Jen has even taught at seminars for other chiropractors looking to enhance their scan interpretation and care recommendations based upon the scans.

first adjustment

When working with overwhelmed and stressed nervous systems, we take an overall approach of ‘less is more’ in which we look to calm the vervous system versus overstimulate it further. We take this approach in nearly all of our cases and truly see better results when the body is aided to help regulate and relax.

We base our adjustments on our neurological scan results, therefore are very specific in the coarse of care and approach to make sure we are getting to the root cause of the neurological stress to remove the interference allowing the body to function optimally.

During your first adjustment, the doctor will explain everything as they go, making sure to answer questions so everyone can feel comfortable. From infants to pregnant mamas and all the kiddos between we take personalized approach to achieve each person’s health goals.

little ones

Our doctors feel very comfortable adjusting little ones. They have had much training (Pediatric Certifications from International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and years of experience adjusting children! Dr. Jen actually started her career at the largest pediatric and prenatal chiropractic clinic in the world.

Infant and children’s adjustments look and sound much different then adult adjustments. Often times, the parents hardly notice when the adjustment has taken place on their little ones. Should you have any further questions about adjustments for yourself or your little ones, please feel free to contact us!

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